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Crew Life Basketball Foundation

Crew Life Basketball Foundation is an all-inclusive youth sports and development program. The vision of the program is to create athletic, educational, and future career opportunities for the disadvantaged youth. Crew life hosts basketball camps, leagues, various sports programs,

developmental workshops, college trips, and mentoring programs for kids of all backgrounds.

We host annual backpack drives and also create opportunities for families in need.

Our camps are called Bigger Than Basketball, which means we teach much more than just

basketball skills. We teach morals, values, and respect first. In addition, we teach the value of

being a good person. As a result, we instill how to use basketball and the skills and traits learned

as a tool to be used in life.

Crew Life strongly believes young kids can learn a lot from sports about life skills. When

developing these skills, they can grow within their body and mind all the while setting them up

for success as adults. Our programs and events have been proven to empower, encourage,

educate and to motivate the youth in all aspects of their life.

We understand every player who attends camp will not receive a college scholarship through athletics, let alone

become a professional. Which is why our goal with camp is not only to give the best possible basketball

instructions and advice on the floor, but also to build discipline, hard work, mental toughness,

listening skills, teamwork, time management, etc. within our campers. Knowing these life skills

will take them further than they know in life.

- One of our most used discipline tactics is making sure the kids touch the lines during

sprints. If one kid misses a line, then the entire group starts over and has to run an extra

sprint. We do this so the kids understand how to encourage each other, but also to show

the importance of paying attention to details.

Each camp we have a guest speaker come in and talk with the kids at camp. From lawyers and

doctors to inner-city business owners to encourage the kids and show other professions outside

of basketball. Using the speakers as encouragement to the kids that they can be whatever they

intend on being in life.

We plan for 12-15 camps, and events per year. There will always be families who want to attend camp but cannot afford it financially. Which is why we have created a scholarship fund

for families who fit the following categories: Free or reduced school lunch, live in an at-risk zip

code, single and or incarcerated parents. While following up with families on school attendance

and grade reports. We don’t expect grades to be perfect, but we expect maximum effort in the

classroom and asking for help when needed.

C.R.E.W is an acronym for the following:


Giving back and being an active member of your community is vital in every

stage of life. We believe in giving back any time the opportunity is presented

and teach that idea to our youth. 


Being responsible for your actions and understanding consequences never

goes out of style. We instill a sense of responsibility through our camps that

stay with kids for a lifetime. 


You’re always a student of the game, no matter the occasion. Education and

learning go hand in hand, not only in basketball but life as well. 


Determination to reach the next level and a solid work ethic are unmatched

traits. Strong-willed youth become independent and learn to manage

themselves while accomplishing goals.

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